Losing Fat But not Weight?


🙄Probably one the top 3 questions people ask me in the DM is I can’t seem to lose weight.. My body changes but my weight doesn’t seem to budge…”

My response is this situation most of the time is: “So your body is changing, you’re losing fat but you’re not losing weight? Why would you care about your weight when you’re losing fat?!”

But let’s dive a little deeper into it. What are the reasons you’re losing fat but not weight?

First, you probably gained some muscle mass because you started weight training seriously. If you’re gaining muscle mass, you’re going to gain some weight. Awesome weight!! Muscles!!

Water retention is a big one, eating more sodium and or more carbs in a day that usual will cause your body to hold on to water. But heck, who cares about water weight? I certainly don’t and you shouldn’t too!!!!

You ate later at night than usual. This means you’re getting a distorted view on the scale the next morning because there’s still food in your stomach. You shouldn’t care about that because it’s food. It’s not bodyfat.

And lastly, you might need to take a poopoo. Go take a shit and step on the scale again. Boom 1-2-3 lbs lost. Nobody cares about that weight.

Main take-away of this post: The scale is a good progress measurement tool, if you know how to use it. Unfortunately most people don’t know how to use it. You now know.

I hope this was helpful of course as per usual, need help, hit me up on the DM or email!

Much love, Prashant .



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