Homemade Protein Powder/ Protein Bars That Can Keep Your Weight Down

After consuming lot of different brand of protein supplements I thought why not give a try for natural and homemade protein powder.

I did research and bought all ingredients which are the best source of protein. Ingredients I bought ate below.

1) almond

2) pistachio

3) pumpkinseeds

4) slim milk powder

5) walnut

6) peanuts

7) flex seeds

8) Ashvaganda

How to make it

Take almond, peanut, walnut, pistachio and pumpkin seeds 100gm in a fry pan and roast it till light brown.

And let it cool down. Then take a blender and all the nuts in the blender then 100 gm slim milk powder plus flex seed and add 2 to 5 cardamom for flavour in the blender.

Blend it till it turn to a powder now this is a natural protein powder.

  • You can have this protein powder with a glass of milk
  • It can be included in weight loss diet
  • It can make for a protein rich post-workout snack

Weight loss is process that is incomplete without proteins. Protein is a macronutrient which is the building block of trillions of cells in the human.

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