The Keto Diet

The Keto diet has become quite popular over the past few years because of the benefits it has when it comes to balancing hormones (especially hunger hormones).

⠀⠀What do you eat on a keto diet?

– 70% of heathy fats (oils – coconut, sesame, olive oil, MCT), nuts, seeds, avocados, grass fed butter, ghee etc.

– 15-20% of protein (grass fed meat (higher in omega 3’s), cage free egs, bone broth and FULL FAT dairy products)

– 5-10% of carbs coming mainly from leafy green vegetables and crucifeorous vegetbales such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts) as carbs in other foods such as nuts and seeds all add up!

⠀⠀What foods should you stay away form?

Foods that are highly processed and full of sugar; essentially anything that is in a box or can.

Grains – one slice of bread or some cooked rice or oatmeal could take up almost your entire carb intake for the day


Common side effects after starting keto:

It’s VERY common to experience tiredness, headaches, brain fog, muscle spasms or constipation, mood fluctuations, when FIRST starting keto as your body is trying to make the shift from using carbs (glucose) to fat for energy. During this time, reduce your exercise TEMPORAILY, get in enough electroyltes (bone broth, avocados, leafy grees and sea salt)

⠀⠀How do you know if you are in Ketosis?

Loss of hunger (due to hunger hormones becoming balanced) Fats are also very satiating!

Increase in energy

Decreased brain fog

Decrease cravings

⠀⠀Is this sustainable?

In my opinion, a keto diet is not sustainable. In order to ensure you are in ketosis, you MUST stay within a certain range of carbs, protein & fats. Too many carbs or protein can kick you out. A high fat diet has SO many benefits so I see myself eating a diet higher in fat but not restricting myself to a certain way of.

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