❗️Everyone who has ever worked out has been through a plateau.  It can be stressful and it’s one of the things that makes people think they aren’t capable of more, which then leads them to stop trying.


✅To help you avoid this problem, we put together a small & simple list that will help you break that plateau so you can get back on track with consistently gaining muscle!


1)Increase your calories slightly (100-200 calories): increasing your calories is a MUST if you want to gain weight so it’s important to raise them whenever your weight is stalling.  Why not eat all the food in the world to break the plateau?  It’s proven that when eating in too big of a surplus, your body packs on more fat than muscle because you aren’t used to the excess calories.  By slowly increasing your caloric intake, you give your body a chance to utilize what you’re ingesting.  We realize that some people have extremely high metabolisms and you probably won’t put on too much fat from a huge surplus.  However, we still recommend increasing in small increments for overall health so you aren’t feeling bloated, fatigued, etc.


2)Track your calories and macros: if you aren’t tracking, there’s no way for you to know what’s working and what’s not working!


3)Weight yourself routinely: This relates to the point above.  If you don’t know your numbers then you’re most likely not going to know what you need to adjust


4)Stay patient: too many people get discouraged too quickly and actually give up right before they are about to see huge results.  Your body won’t change overnight!  So stay consistent, and watch all the results you’ll receive over time


This can be really tough sometimes, but relax!  Enjoy the process and use this as an opportunity to learn more about your body


Tag a friend who needs to gain some size!

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