5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results

Weight loss is often a frustrating pursuit, eluding even those who eat healthy and exercise. So what gives? Why won’t the scale budge even as you put out tremendous effort?

Read on for the 5 reasons that most fitness and health food lovers don’t lose the pounds that they want to…

1. Not Enough Sleep

The body needs adequate sleep to support weight loss because of hormone levels. While you sleep your cortisol levels decline while your growth hormone levels increase. This balance is essential for fat loss to occur.

Skipping on Zzzz’s will throw your hormones into fat storing mode, while simultaneously causing you to feel hungrier and encouraging you to eat more calories.

2. Eating TOO MUCH Healthy Food

Yes, my friend, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH healthy food. Calories are Calories, eat more than your body burns and the extra pounds will add up.

Control your portions, even of healthy foods, in order to make strides in your body transformation journey.

3. Not Enough Water

Dehydration is perilous for fat loss. Not only does water serve as an appetite suppressant to fill your stomach and prevent you from overeating, thirst is often mistaken for hunger pains, leading to extra calories consumed and stored as fat.

4. Eating Out Too Much

Restaurant food is created with consumer satisfaction in mind, and this means adding fats and sugars and salt to many of the menu items in order to produce the tastiest food possible. There is simply no way around it, that’s why Mona and I never eat out.

5. Not Enough Protein or Fiber

Protein and fiber are the golden tickets to fat loss. Consciously plan your meals around a base of protein and fiber, and then add in just enough complex carbs and healthy fats to keep it well rounded. Save the bulk of sugar and fat consumption for cheat meals.

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