Veg Protein Powder

“Vegetarian Protein Powders!



When looking for a vegetarian protein powder, you want to look for hemp, pea or brown rice protein. Brown rice protein is typically a protein in which many individuals can handle even those who deal with leaky gut and are very sensitive to many food items. Pea protein is also great for those who experience several allergies. In order to make brown rice protein a complete protein, it’s best to pair it up with hemp or pea protein. If you are someone who deals with inflammation, it’s very important to stick to a high quality vegan protein to help reduce symptoms.


Protein shakes can be beneficial as it is a quick and easy way to get your protein in, it can help with recovery and it can lead to increases in both strength and muscle mass.


It’s important to know that protein powders are a supplement. Choosing whole foods is always best as most protein powders are highly processed and can create acidify in your body. It’s important to read labels, and chose a protein that has no artificial sweeteners, GMOS, or other toxins.


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